Timber Framing course


Timber frame construction has long existed in practically every country. Over many years it has been refined in places such as Great Britain, Germany, and Japan, and has become a carpentry technique which, together with skilled craftspeople, has resulted in architectural masterpieces, both functional and aesthetic.  In this course you will learn how to build a timber frame house. No previous experience is required. Minimum age is 16 years. Instruction in English, Swedish, and German depending on the participants.  Bring a folding rule and pencil. Work boots with steel toes and reinforced soles recommended but not required. Heavy duty work clothing is also recommended.    Course information 

  • Included: Practical Instruktion for 6 days.
  • Breakfast, lunch, 2x coffee and dinner for 6 days; breakfast always 8:00.
  • Accommodation 6 nights, night before the course and following 5 nights.
  • Price: 9 500 SEK. Reguest for individual room an additional 1 400 SEK.

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