Forging course – Forging an axe


Now you have the opportunity to test making your own axe. Together with Naturkompaniet in Sweden, Gränsfors Bruk has developed a “have-a-go” course in axe forging. This is the perfect course for people who want to try something very different, or for the crowd of friends who have already done “everything”.

The courses are led by Fredrik Thelin, a well-qualified and skilled blacksmith with 20 years of experience. With the help of examples and instructions, you will be given a step-by-step introduction, in a group of maximum 8 people, to the methods and holds involved in hot forging. You will learn to light and use the forge and get to know a little more about the tools and material used.

The focus of the course is to give participants the opportunity to try out the basics of axe forging and the various steps of the manufacturing process. Forging an axe is in many ways one of the most challenging tasks in the forge. Besides basic knowledge of forges and the tools that are used, over two days you will learn the process of axe forging step-by-step. You start by forging the head of the axe and then continue the process by hardening, tempering, grinding and putting a handle on the axe. The axe forged during this course is a small variant equivalent to the Gränsfors Outdoor axe. The course objective is that each participant will be able to take their own handmade axe home with them. No previous knowledge is required.

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