Buchanan-Smith’s Axe Handbook


This book is truly a love letter to the Axe. And has been called a resourceful guide for anyone looking to reconnect with handcraft and the outdoors. The Buchanan-Smith’s Axe Handbook is a compendium for the axe-wielding adventurer by one of the industry’s leading tastemakers.
The book takes you from the basics and fundamentals of handling and owning an axe, guides you on the details on how to find the right axe and teaches you about use and maintenance. The design is beautiful will inspire anyone to rediscover the outdoors.
Peter Buchanan-Smith founded Best Made Co. in 2009 because he loved making things with his hands and wanted to start a company that would not only celebrate the inherent beauty of timeless, utilitarian tools but would also inspire people to get out from behind their screens and experience the natural world.
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