Gränsfors Axe Museum

Next door to the forge lies Gränsfors Axe Museum, packed with over 2,000 axes from floor to ceiling. And anyone who thinks an axe is an axe is in for a surprise – there are special axes for most purposes. The museum’s collection includes root axes, notching axes, marking axes, mortise axes, packing house axes, adzes, pick axes, fire axes, battle axes, executioner’s axes and double bit throwing axes, to name but a few.

The museum also has on display axe models forged at Gränsfors Bruk and in Gränsfors before the time of the forge. You can also learn more about the axe history or why not immerse yourself in various axe manufacturers around the world. At Gränsfors Axe Museum, visitors can try their hand at throwing an axe and chopping and splitting firewood.

The Axe Museum underwent a renovation in 2019 and will now be reopened as soon as the restrictions on our temporary visitor ban due to the new Corona virus are lifted. We hope to be able to open the business as usual until the summer of 2020, hope to see you this summer!