Woodworking with an axe

Stand the piece of wood you are working with on a chopping block. Do not use the same block as for splitting logs. The logs usually transfer sand and soil onto the block, which can blunt the edge of the axe. Sharpness is critical in this kind of woodworking. Let the edge contact the workpiece with a falling motion, so that the cutting point glides from the lower corner of the bit upwards along the edge. This action reduces the risk of slipping and hurting yourself. Also hold the workpiece away from you on the chopping block so that if the axe slips, it is more likely to cut into the chopping block rather than you.

Talja med yxaAlways cut with the grain – otherwise it is easy to split away pieces that were meant to stay put.

Common axes for woodworking include Gränsfors Bruk’s Carpenter’s Axe and Gränsfors Bruk’s Swedish Carving Axe. These axes are very often used to roughly hew timber ready for woodworking and carpentry.