Responsibility (CSR)

Respect for the individual

We shall manufacture axes with respect for the people who create them.

An axe is only as good as the accumulated professional skill of the people who forged, ground and attached the handle to the axe. All of the axes we manufacture are made by human hand. And all these people deserve great respect and recognition for their professional expertise. Our company would be nothing without them.

As a company, we must constantly care for and respect the people who have manufactured our products. But for us it is also extremely important that you as a customer know that our employees have competitive Swedish salaries, good working conditions, holiday and pension provisions, as well as the opportunity to achieve a good work-life balance. In other words, conditions that correspond with the values and conditions that you as a customer would no doubt want for yourself and your children.

Gränsfors Bruk also has collective agreements and we observe the established rules in the Swedish labour market.

Sadly this is not always taken for granted in the modern production community. In many factories around the world, wages are being forced down while at the same time employees have to work faster and for longer hours, simply to maximise the company’s profits. We believe that this is wrong.

For us, the main focus is not about maximising our profit. Of course, we must report a profit to have a company that is a going concern, but there is so much more that we believe is more important. Such as the fact that our employees are happy and healthy, and that all of our production is retained here in Sweden.

Next time you hold an axe in your hand, give some thought to how that axe has been produced!