Responsibility (CSR)


We shall manufacture axes that have as little impact as possible on our environment.

The best thing we can do for the environment is to manufacture a small number of quality products that last a long time. We have therefore always had the goal of developing a product with an extremely long useful life, which means that we do not have to manufacture as many products.

We believe that the quality and longevity of the product is a very important element of being able to contribute to a better environment. This is because increased product longevity means that, among other things, we can:

  • consume fewer natural resources, resulting in reduced consumption of raw materials and energy
  • produce fewer products, which generates less waste
  • make fewer purchases, resulting in reduced transport operations

One of Gränsfors Bruk’s goals is to make good products that last a very long time.

As proof of this, and to leave nobody in any doubt that we take our responsibilities seriously, we sell our axes with a 20-year guarantee.

We also use raw materials that have the least possible impact on our environment. When producing our axes, we use recycled steel, vegetable tanned chromium-free leather and wooden handles made of hickory.

The choice of material is important, not just from a green manufacturing perspective, but also in terms of what happens to the materials when the axe finally reaches the end of its useful life. The steel can be recycled, the leather and the handle will decompose, so no waste is created.