Around Gränsfors

lakes, beaches, forests & mountains

Upstream of Gränsfors lies a sizeable lake, Grännsjön, that is perfect for fishing and swimming. There are two excellent sandy beaches to enjoy: Krusbaden and Jägarviken. Around the lake stretch endless forests with peaks at 200-300 metres above sea level.

On a clear day, from nearby Klövberget you can see the Gulf of Bothnia to the east and the bluey mountains of Hassela in the west.


10 km west of Gränsfors is the village Bergsjö. Here lives about 1,500 people and coming from Gränsfors, this is the nearest place to find supermarket, ATM and gas station. In Bergsjö is also the bus station where buses run daily to Hudiksvall and Sundsvall.


10 km east of Gränsfors, at the motorway E4, is the village Gnarp. Here floats Gnarpsån and here you can visit Gnarps church from the late 1700’s. From Gnarp you can also take the train and bus to Sundsvall and Hudiksvall and coaches to Stockholm.


The village of Högen is a peaceful spot just south of Bergsjö, beautifully situated beside the lakes of Kyrksjön and Storsjön, and clearly illustrates the long history of iron in the local area. You can see graves and ruins and imagine life back in the 6th century. Access to the sea, the social life of the village and bog iron are essential building blocks in the history of iron. This was an import site during the Iron Age, as is shown in a small exhibition in a nearby log cabin. Contact Nordanstig Municipality for more information.

the gulf of bothnia

Twenty kilometres to the east lies the Gulf of Bothnia with wonderful, often wholly unspoiled, beaches. You will also find a string of beautiful small coastal communities, including Sörfjärden with its beach and golf course, and Mellanfjärden, which has a hotel and the Sjömärket Restaurant. Running along the coast is Kuststigen, a walking trail from village to village, stretching 60 km in total.

hassela ski resort

Hassela, 20 km west of Gränsfors, has 12 downhill ski runs, cross-country skiing trails, scooter safaris, dog sled tours and spa facilities during the winter season. In the summer, Hassela has a choice of two golf courses.