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Information is important. As part of its desire to provide more information about axes, and about the thoughts and values of the company, Gränsfors Bruk has produced its very own Axe Book. The book describes the company’s philosophy, different models of axe, how the axes are made and how an axe should be used and looked after.

The Axe Book is shipped with every axe produced by Gränsfors Bruk. Starting the 20th of September, all of our axes will be shipped with a new and updated Axe Book. In addition to containing some new and updated texts and pictures, the Axe Book with also be thicker as it contains three languages in one volume. The first section will be in Swedish, the second in English, and the third in German.

This means that during a transition period there will be both axes with the new and axes with the old Axe Book for sale. The old axe book has a guarantee card that we have now chosen to remove. You do not need to send in the guarantee card, instead the receipt of purchase serves as going forward. The choice to remove the guarantee card is partly in an effort to reduce our environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary post, and partly to simplify the process for you as a consumer. 

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