Visit Gränsfors

In some places, history and tradition converge with modern times in a completely natural way. One such place is Gränsfors.

Firmly established along a meandering river, Gränsfors is situated in the north of Hälsingland. Just a short detour off the busy E4 motorway, you will find yourself in a world you thought no longer existed.

A vibrant culture of craft and industry has thrived here for hundreds of years. Mills, stove-builders, breweries, sawmills, forges and much more have been in operation along the river at one time or another.

Two of these fine craft-based industries still remain in full operation: Gränsfors Bruk makes its quality axes and Gränsfors Blomkruksfabrik turns out superb flowerpots.

Gränsfors is a living place above all, a place where history informs the modern pulse of life.

Due to the current situation, we are currently closed to visitors. We hope to welcome you soon again!