Second grade

In almost all production, different variations of the finished product emerge from the manufacturing process. This is particularly evident when products are hand-forged and not mass-produced.

All axes from Gränsfors Bruk are hand-forged, and each axe has a specification in terms of dimensions, length, weight, etc. from which the finished axe may not deviate.

If there is a physical defect in manufacturing that results in a deterioration of the axe function, it is discarded immediately.

There are, however, some axes forged in our production that deviate from the specification, but where this deviation does not affect their function.

For example, it could be an edge that is slightly wider than the specification or some other minor change in the axe head.

We would rather not sell axes that deviate from our defined specifications, but at the same time we believe that it is wrong from an environmental perspective to dispose of these fully functional axes.

We therefore sell these axes exclusively at our webshop under the category “second grade” at reduced prices.

However, as mistakes occur at random we cannot guarantee which models will be available in this category or how many of each model will be available. Nor can we guarantee what the defect itself is, as there is a large variation of defects.

What we can guarantee, however, is that these axes do not have any functional defects but only small “cosmetic defects”, and they will perform just as well as any other axe from Gränsfors Bruk.

If there are no axes displayed in this category, this means we do not have any second-grade axes at the moment! Our second-grade axes are marked with an S on the ax head (see the picture in the top menu).

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