General terms and conditions, webshop


If you are under the age of 18, your custodian must give consent to you ordering products from us.

Each item is listed with price including VAT and the customer trolley shows the total price including VAT and shipping.

Purchases from our webshop are regulated by Swedish law, primarily the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. 


All items sold at Gränsfors Bruk’s webshop remain the property of Gränsfors Bruk AB until we have received full payment. A shipping charge will be added to all purchases. We endeavour to deliver goods within three working days. Items that are not in stock are marked “Not in stock”. 

All deliveries include a specification of the items you have ordered.

If an item has been damaged during transport, you must report the damage direct to the carrier that delivered the item to you.


If you do not collect your parcel and the distribution point sends it back to us, we reserve the right to charge you for the costs incurred.


The right of withdrawal means that you as customer have the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days, in accordance with the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. The period for the right of withdrawal starts from the day you as customer receive the item.

If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, you are obligated to maintain the item in as good condition as it was when you received it and you are thereby not permitted to use it. If the item is damaged or mislaid because you have been careless, you lose the right of withdrawal.


We always enclose a return shipping label in each parcel. Your contact details and Gränsfors Bruk’s contact details are already stated on the return shipping label. If you have thrown away or mislaid the return shipping label, please contact us and we will email a new one.

Pack the goods carefully so as to avoid shipping damage. Make sure you get a receipt that states the parcel ID from the parcel distribution point. This makes it easier to follow the parcel’s return delivery if necessary.

Returns are at the customer’s expense. Gränsfors Bruk will naturally pay for returns if items are being sent back because they are defective or were wrongly packed.  

The cost of shipping is automatically deducted from the sum of money returned to you. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the money will be paid back within 30 days from the day Gränsfors Bruk received the item.

Gränsfors Bruk only accepts returns of items bought via our webshop.

If you need to return an item to us, you as customer are responsible for the item and the packaging. It is therefore very important that you repack the item carefully so that neither the item nor the packaging is damaged.


Gränsfors Bruk only handles complaints concerning items bought via our webshop.

To make a complaint regarding an item bought via our webshop, go to our homepage and fill in a complaints form. After we have received the complaints form and approved the complaint, we will send you a return shipping label that you can use to return the item to us.

In the first instance, we try to rectify what is wrong with the item. If that is not possible, we will replace the item with a new product, or alternatively compensate you with money.


Payment security is a matter of high priority. Gränsfors Bruk uses Klarna Bank AB’s payment solution.Klarna Bank AB is authorised to offer financial services and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

To make card purchases as safe as possible, all information is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when transferred to Klarna Bank AB. This means that the information is sent via a safe link and your card details cannot be read by any unauthorised person. None of your card details will be registered or stored by Gränsfors Bruk.

We accept most international cards, but not American Express. Gränsfors Bruk will charge your account when the purchase is completed. A confirmation of the purchase will be sent to the email address provided.

Any false order submitted to Gränsfors Bruk will be tracked and if there is any suspicion of fraud, the purchase will be cancelled and the incident will be reported to the police.



We use the same payment method via Klarna Bank AB that you used for your order. If the original purchase was made with a credit card, the sum is credited back to the same card via Klarna Bank AB. Refunds will be made within a maximum of 21 calendar days from receipt of your returned product. Shipping costs are not refunded.


Same procedure as in the case of card payment. Then Klarna Bank AB issues a credit if the invoice has already been paid. If it is unpaid, the amount is credited. Shipping costs are not credited. 


When you order items from our webshop, you provide your personal data. Under the Swedish Personal Data Act, we must ask for your consent before we can process your personal data. Your personal data is protected under the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL). When you place an order, you give your consent for us to gather, store and process your information.

We use the information, among other things, to meet our obligation to you and to make sure that we can give you the service you expect from us. We will retain your personal data primarily on order to be able to deliver the goods you have ordered, for example if we are forced to provide your name and address so that the product can be delivered to you (e.g. to our courier or supplier).

You are always entitled to find out what personal data we have registered about you. If any data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the information be rectified or erased. In that case, please contact us by email.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here. 


In the event of a dispute, we refer to ARN (Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes). The Swedish Consumer Purchases Act safeguards your interests as a customer and of course this Act applies when you shop from us.


Gränsfors Bruk enters reservations that goods may be out of stock or may no longer be part of the product range. Nor can Gränsfors Bruk guarantee that all pictures reproduce exactly the actual appearance or colour of the products. The reproduction of the colours may depend on the settings.

Gränsfors Bruk enters reservations for possible printing errors and incorrect pricing in our webshop and reserves the right to reject such orders.


Gränsfors Bruk is not responsible for delays or failure to fulfil our obligations if the delay or the failure has arisen because of an event that lies beyond our reasonable control.

Examples of such incidents include war, civil unrest, infrastructure problems, government interventions, fires, floods, accidents, storms, strikes, lockouts, sabotage, major accidents or other types of natural disasters that affect us or our suppliers.