Courses – General information

For more than twenty years, courses have been organized at Gränsfors Bruk. The courses take place in collaboration between Gränsfors Bruks AB and Gårdar i Nordanstig AB, which also runs Sagaliden – A small place. 

The courses offered at Gränsfors Bruk are forging courses, traditional log-building courses and courses in timber framing.

The forging courses are led by NorrHälsinge Järnsmides Gille with experienced blacksmiths, for example Sam Ritter. The log-building courses are led by an experience carpenter.

The courses vary in number of days and are adapted to the course participants’ past experience. The minimum age for all courses is 16 years.

Food and accommodation are included in the course fee. All course participants are insured during the course. Forging and timber courses are normally conducted in Swedish, but teaching in English can be offered and traditional timber courses can also be offered in german.