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How long has Gränsfors Bruk produced axes?

What are the opening hours for the axefactory, the axemuseum and the axeshop?

How do I get to Gränsfors?

What more can be done in the village Gränsfors and its vicinity?

How do I find the nearest retailer?

How should the axe be stored? Temperature? Humidity?

How should I sharpen my axe?

How do I change the handle on my axe?

How do I use a throwing axe?

How big should the chopping block be? How should it be placed?

Can I send the axe to Gränsfors Bruk for regrinding and/or to change the handle?

I want to learn more about the axes. Is there any more literature on the subject?

Do I need to treat the axe head or the handle with any oil? Which oil should I use on the axe head and the handle?

How should the head of the Gränsfors Splitting Maul and Gränsfors splitting wedge be maintained? What happens when steel strikes steel?

How long have people been using axes?

Which axe should I choose?

How are Gränsfors Bruks axes produced?

Am I allowed to see the production?

Are all axes from Gränsfors Bruk produced in Sweden?

Where can I find specific information about the size and weight of Gränsfors Bruks axes?

What is the difference between Gränsfors Bruks four splitting axes?

What is the difference between Gränsfors Bruks Broad Axee Model 1700, 1800, 1900? Which of the variants of the model 1900 should I choose?

What is the difference between natural stone and ceramic stone? Which should I choose?

Gränsfors Large Carving axe can be sharpened in various ways. Why and what’s the difference?

What size of Straight Adze and Gutter Adze should I choose? How do I use each axe?

How big should the target be, for the Double bit axe?

Which type of steel are the axes made of and where does the steel come from?

What kind of wood is Gränsfors Bruks using in their handles?

Is there a warranty on Gränsfors Bruks axes?

What will happen if my handle or my lether sheet will be damaged?

It looks like a crack on the bottom of the axe, nere the axe eye. Is that dangerous and will the axe break?

The handle is loose. Is it possible to fix? How do I fix it?

The venation of the handle can vary. How much variation in the direction of the grain should it be, and has it any affect on the function or durability?

Are there any courses at Gränsfors Bruk?

How many languages ​​are the Axe Book on and how do I order it?

Why is the axe head labeled with two letters?

How do I know that I have a genuine Gränsfors axe? Which label should be on the axe?

Is it possible to make a special order on an axe, after a drawing, sketch, photo or old model?

Can I order directly from you? Do you have an online store? Which retailer is reputable?