7 Dezember, 2023

Seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren werden bei Gränsfors Bruk Schmiedekurse organisiert. In unserer gut ausgestatteten Kursschmiede haben im Laufe der Jahre viele Menschen einen ersten Einblick in die faszinierende Welt des Schmiedens erhalten. Unsere Kurse gibt es in verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden…

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Courses in Gränsfors 2024

6 Dezember, 2023

FORGING COURSES AT GRÄNSFORS BRUK For more than twenty years, forging courses have been organized at Gränsfors Bruk. In our well-equipped course forge a lot of people have over the years gained their first insight into the fascinating world of…

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Opt Out of Black Friday

23 November, 2023

We are distancing ourselves from Black Friday, along with our sister companies Woolpower and Svedbro Smide, and will be temporarily closing our online store. A day that encourages overconsumption through price reductions goes completely against our belief in responsible production and…

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Warning: Counterfeit Gränsfors Bruks Axes Alert

6 September, 2023

We have become aware that counterfeit copies of Gränsfors Bruks axes are being sold on various online platforms, such as Amazon and Ebay. These listings use images stolen from our website, and the axes that are actually delivered are not…

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30 August, 2023

In the well-equipped course forge,with direct connection to Gränsfors Bruk axe factory, a lot of people have over the years gained their first insight into the fascinating world of blacksmithing. Take advantage and book one of the last places on…

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Now it’s here – Gränsfors’s book is now available in German!

3 August, 2022

In November, it was released in Swedish. We heard you when you requested it in more languages. And soon the wait is over. In a few days, you will be able to order the new book about Gränsfors Bruk in…

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From steel to axe

11 Juli, 2022

Follow us behind the doors to Gränsfors Bruks forge and see how our axes are produced. From steel to finished ax. We have collected movies with tips and information about our axes and how to take care of them under…

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The Axe Dance – Listen to the tones of Gränsfors Bruk

8 Juni, 2022

In 2021, the composer Thomas von Wachenfeldt composed the Yxdansen specially, on behalf of Gränsfors Bruk. It is used, among other things, in our new corporate film. The task Thomas was given was to capture in music the feeling of…

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Courses in Gränsfors 2022

28 Februar, 2022

For many years, Gränsfors Mill has offered courses in traditional forging and timbering. We will do the same this year – even though the museum, shop and smithy are closed to visitors. The course program for 2022 is now published…

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Gränsfors Vårdkit – Take care of your axe for future generations

17 November, 2021

Our axes are a craft created to last for several generations. If you take care of your axe properly, we promise that it will be a life partner not only for you – but also for your children and grandchildren….

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The Axe book – a old friend in a new costume

16 November, 2021

Starting the 20th of September, all of our axes will be shipped with a new and updated Axe Book. In addition to containing some new and updated texts and pictures, the Axe Book with also be thicker as it contains…

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Product change – Removal of the steel wedge

14 März, 2019

In 2016, we investigated if it would be possibly to remove the steel wedge used when assembling the shaft with the axe head. The reason for this was that we first and foremost cared for the person who manufactured the…

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