Product Change

september 23, 2019

We have now made design changes on some products. The steel wedge on the top of the handle will be removed. The steel wedge works as an extra support for the wooden wedge that is used to fix the axe head to the handle. The reliability in process when attaching the handles has been improved, which means that the steel wedge is not necessary. Based on trials and experience we have now decided to remove the steel wedge on the products listed below.

Since we continuously strive for not using more materials and components than necessary, without compromising on functionality, we have therefore decided to stop using steel wedge on:

413                                                  Hand Hatchet
415                                                  Wildlife Hatchet
473-R, RH, RV                              Small Carving Hatchet (all variants)
474-R, RH, RV                              Large Carving Hatchet (all variants)
475, -R, -RH, -RV                         Large Carving Axe (all variants)

Naturally there will be a mixture of axes with and without steel wedge during the transition.