The Axe Dance – Listen to the tones of Gränsfors Bruk

In 2021, the composer Thomas von Wachenfeldt composed the Yxdansen specially, on behalf of Gränsfors Bruk. It is used, among other things, in our new corporate film.

The task Thomas was given was to capture in music the feeling of when old traditions meet innovation. Here he describes in his own words how he took on the assignment:

“I tried to capture this in the music by using a combination of both older and newer instruments as well as by using composition and arrangement techniques from both contemporary and past. I wanted to capture something close and at the same time magnificent, which I, in addition to through the composition process, tried to reflect in the mix where instruments and instrument groups are both close and far away – this to create a sense of both present and eternity. In other words, continuity. ”

Here you can listen to The Ax Dance by Thomas von Wachenfeldt