Gränsfors Oil


Gränsfors Oil is an environment-friendly and completely non-toxic oil manufactured in Sweden. The oil is 100 per cent unsaturated fatty acids sourced from linseed oil. As the oil dries, it forms a protective film of linoxin. We recommend that you treat the axe handle with the oil once a year in order to extend the life of the handle.

Gränsfors Oil has also been developed to protect the axe head against rust. On occasion, you may find that a film or a skin has formed on the axe head once the oil has dried. This is simply excess oil that you can wipe off. The axe head remains protected against rust even if you wipe it clean with a cloth.

The oil usually dries within 24 hours at normal room temperature and with good ventilation.

WARNING: RISK OF SELF-IGNITION! Cloths and porous materials moistened by linseed oil must be burned, dried in an open place with no risk of fire or stored while soaked in water before being discarded.

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