Gränsfors Framing Chisel


Gränsfors Framing Chisels are used to create fine and smooth surfaces that are required for timber framing constructions, different corner joints and in other carpentry work where a robust tool is needed. The chisel is hand-forged from one-piece steel, which means that the entire tool is made from a single piece of steel. It has a bent eye for the handle and a wear-resistant handle. The handle is reinforced with an iron hoop on the impact side to withstand impact during use.
The Framing Chisel is delivered with a sheath.

The Gränsfors Framing Chisel is forged by qualified blacksmiths from the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild.
Fredrik Thelin, founder of the guild and master blacksmith, has been working as a professional blacksmith for more than 25 years and served his apprenticeship at Gränsfors Bruk. Over the years, Fredrik has worked in close collaboration with Gränsfors Bruk, with a focus on axes, forging and as a course leader for the forging courses.

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Vegetable-tanned leather


38 mm

Edge length

4 cm

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