Gränsfors Chisel Axe


Gränsfors Chisel Axe (or Mortising Push Axe) is used for timber work to create even and smooth surfaces when working with for example mortise and tenon joints. The chisel axe is used as a plane or a chisel by hand but is not designed to withstand any kind of clubbing or hammering. Gränsfors Chisel Axe is hand-forged with a bent and riveted eye, where the wooden handle can be removed and turned for a left-handed grip.

The axe has a handle made of hickory, and comes with a sheath sewn of vegetable tanned leather. The grinding angle is 35 degrees.

The Gränsfors Chisel Axe is forged by qualified blacksmiths from the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild. Fredrik Thelin, founder of the guild and master blacksmith, has been working as a professional blacksmith for more than 25 years and served his apprenticeship at Gränsfors Bruk. Over the years, Fredrik has worked in close collaboration with Gränsfors Bruk, with a focus on axes, forging and as a course leader for the forging courses.

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35 cm

Length handle

17 cm

Edge length

4 cm


Vegetable-tanned leather

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