Forging course – Try out forging


This is a course created for giving you the opportunity to try out forging and to gain a first glimpse into the fascinating world of blacksmithing. Participants get an introduction to the basic techniques of forging through practical instruction and demonstrations.

You will learn some foundation knowledge such as how to light the forge and about the tools and materials involved in forging at the anvil. During the course you will forge several simple items which may include hooks, a skewer, barbeque fork, grill tongs or bottle opener. There is always room for your own ideas and suggestions as well. Instruction in Swedish and English. No previous experience required.

Practical instruction and materials for 2 days. Breakfast, lunch, 2x coffee and dinner for 2 days; breakfast always 8:00. Accommodation 2 nights, night before the course and night of the 1st day. Swedish Blacksmithing book by Karl-Gunnar Norén & Lars Enander.

March 20th – 21st 2020

2 days (from 9:00 on day 1 to 16:00 on day 2)

Questions or registration is sent to courses@gransfors.com, or via the button below.
What we need is, in addition to which course (s) you want to attend, name, address, telephone and e-mail as well as any extra information about individual accommodation and special food.
After the course registration, a confirmation is sent along with information and invoice.