Forging course – How to forge a knife N/A
  • Price: SEK 5000 including VAT
  • Length: 2 days (from 9 am day 1 to 4 pm day 2)
  • Date: 12 – 13 April, 3 – 4 May, 4 – 5 October 2019
  • Content: Practical instruction, including materials, Breakfast, lunch, coffee and 3-course dinner plus accommodation (1 night)
  • Instruction in Swedish & English

Product Description

Now you have the opportunity to forge your own knife. Gränsfors Bruk has developed a “have-a-go” course in knife forging. This is the perfect course for people who want to try something very different, or a group of friends who have already done “everything”.

In a group of maximum 8 people, your course leader will give you a step-by-step introduction to the methods and grips involved in hot forging with the help of examples and instructions. You will learn to light the forge and a little about the tools and materials that are used.

The course is aimed at giving you basic knowledge and practical experience of the different elements of knife forging. Besides basic knowledge of the forge and the tools that are used, you will be given the opportunity to forge different knives and knife blades of carbon steel. Step-by-step, you will learn about the various elements, from lighting the forge to shaping and working the hot steel. During the course, you will also learn how to grind, harden and temper the knife blades. You will also be able to try welding a laminated knife blade. No previous knowledge is required.