Forging Course – Forging a two-lugged beard axe


A two-lugged bearded axe is considered by some to be the crown jewel of the Old Norse axes, both admired and feared far outside the Nordic countries for its beautiful from and sharp edge. With an edge hard enough to split shields, even though its main area of use was in the fabrication of Viking longships, the bearded axe is characterised by its refined form which originates in the forging of the widest possible edge from the least possible material. Most important was that the bearded axe had a rolled steel edge of high quality (carbon steel), which only Old Norse smiths had access to at that time.

This course is for those with previous experience of forging, preferably axe forging, who wish to deepen their knowledge and learn the various manufacturing steps required to forge a two-lugged bearded axe. The model for the bearded axe you will be forging is a find from the 8th Century. Required previous knowledge is our Forging Course – Wrought iron continued or equivalent.

August 17th – 21st

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