Forging course – Damascus


Required previous knowledge equivalent to the Foundation forging course. With the assistance the course leader and examples and instructions, participants will be given a step-by-step introduction to the art and methods of Damascus forging, also known as pattern welding. So this is what the course is all about – creating various patterns in steel with forge-welding technology and layer upon layer as well as learn to control and steer patterns in the material. During the course, you will learn to mix different types of steel; carbon steel, nickel steel and pure nickel as well as gain an understanding for material properties and which materials to choose depending on what patterns you want to create, but also for which type of object you intend to use steel. Forge welding is not done only to create beautiful patterns but also to create a unique composition of different materials based on the smith’s requirements.

The course objective is to fabricate basic Damascus materials and learn techniques for how the create it. There will be the opportunity of forging something from your own Damascus steel during the course, such as knives, jewellery, etc., to test how the material performs as well as hardening, polishing and etching. There is also plenty of scope for your own ideas during the course.

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