Product changes

March 6, 2017

Here is some information regarding product changes on Gränsfors Axes.

During February 2016, You were informed that we excluded the steel wedge on some of our axes. The main reason was that we due to testing and experience could not see the purpose of it.

Our tools for attaching the handle to the axe is nowadays reliable enough. Since we strive for a minimal use of material, if the quality and functionality is not at stake, we therefore excluded the steel wedge.

Another year of experience has passed and we have had no indication that the functionality and quality have suffered from the change.

Therefore, we will now abandon the steel wedge on all our axes. The steel wedge will therefore be removed on all Gränsfors Axes, with the exception of Splitting Axes in a first stage.

We will still provide the wooden wedge with the metal wedge as a complement. Using the steel wedge when re-handling the axe is motivated as an extra security.

There will be a mixture of axes with and without steel wedge during the transition.