Responsibility (CSR)


We shall manufacture axes with the best possible function for the axe’s area of application.

Mankind has been using axes for more than one million years. Throughout history, the axe has helped us to source wood for our fires, build our homes and protect ourselves against our enemies, to name just a few areas. For much of human history, the axe has been a tool that has meant the difference between life and death.

Today, the axe continues to be used in a host of different areas of application. You need one type of axe to cleave wood, another model is better for felling a tree and a third is preferable if you’re building a log cabin.

We are therefore driven by a responsibility to ensure that knowledge of axes, the use of axes and the manufacturing of axes is preserved and passed on to future generations.

Knowledge is required to understand function and area of application. Knowledge that can be acquired to some extent, but it is often knowledge that once existed but has been lost.

We at Gränsfors Bruk are therefore striving constantly to gather as much knowledge about axes as we can, so that we can then convey that knowledge to others.

One way is to invite and maintain a continuous dialogue with those interested in forging, log-building and axes. Another is to have an axe museum in which we collect axes from different ages and different places. A third way is with the aid of The Axe Book, which accompanies every axe, in which we try to convey our knowledge of axes and their use to you as a user.

No matter how we convey this knowledge to the next generation, we believe that it is our obligation to protect our cultural heritage, which stretches back in time more than one million years.