Why Gränsfors Bruk?

Everything that is produced requires resources and all these resources have some impact on our environment and on people. What resources we use and what we use these resources for is a question of responsibility. We see it as a combination of environmental, ethical and social responsibility. As a company, we have unlimited responsibility for the total picture and it is our obligation to work on these issues at all times.

Mankind has used axes for over a million years. Throughout history, the axe has helped us source wood for our fires, build our houses and protect ourselves against enemies, and that’s just scratching the surface. For much of human history, the axe has meant the difference between life and death.

Here at Gränsfors Bruk, we feel a keen responsibility to ensure that knowledge of axes and axe making is preserved for future generations. We strive to make the best possible axes, based on three different perspectives.

There are different axes for different uses. If you’re chopping wood, you need one type of axe, if you’re felling a tree a different model is better, while if you’re building a log cabin a third model is the ideal choice. Understanding function, areas of use and development requires knowledge. Knowledge that to some extent can be acquired, but more often has been lost over time.

Here at Gränsfors Bruk we’re working to collect axe know-how and expertise. One way of doing this is to invite in and maintain an ongoing dialogue with axe-forging and log-building enthusiasts. Another way is to have an axe museum, where we collect axes from different periods and different places. A third way is with help from The Axe Book that accompanies all our axes, where we try to convey our knowledge of axes and axe use to you as a new user.

The best thing we can do for the environment is to make small numbers of quality products that last a long time. A good product that is looked after is likely to have an extended life, which means we don’t need to make as many of them. As proof of our commitment to making long-lasting products, our axes come with a 20 year guarantee.

For our axes, we use recycled steel, vegetable tanned, chromium-free leather and wooden handles made of hickory. The choice of material is important, not just for environmentally aware manufacturing, but also in terms of what happens to the materials when the axe finally reaches the end of its life. The steel can be recycled, while the leather and the handle will decompose, so no waste is created.

We also have a long-standing plan to entirely cease our dependence on oil, where we for example have made investments so that we can heat our premises using ground-source heating and modern HF furnaces to heat our steel instead of oil-fired furnaces. We also have a huge interest in reducing our energy consumption and we are therefore continuously investing in energy saving measures. Our latest goal is that in the near future become completely self-sufficient in renewable energy.

An axe is only as good as the accumulated skills of the people who forge, grind and attach the handle to the axe. All our axes are made by human hand. And all these people deserve great respect and recognition for their professional expertise. Our company would be nothing without them.

At Gränsfors Bruk it’s important that you as a customer know that our employees have proper Swedish salaries, good working conditions, holidays and pensions, as well as an opportunity to achieve a good work-life balance. In other words, the kind of values and conditions you probably want for yourself and your children.

Making a good product based on the perspectives above is our way of showing responsibility towards everyone who buys and uses our products, towards our environment and towards our staff.