Charcoal burning course


This course is a practical introduction to charcoal making and suitable for anyone wanting to learn the black art of charcoal burning to produce high quality charcoal. 

Day 1 is a long one. We’ll start at about 9 am and finish late into the evening at around 9 pm. We’ll make charcoal in a 6’ commercial steel ring kiln and a ‘hobby’ mini kiln. 

Day 2 starts slightly later at 10am and finishes around 1: 00pm. During this shorter session, we’ll open up the cooled kilns to assess the results, empty the kilns then grade and bag the charcoal. 

We’ll discuss the specification and characteristics of good quality charcoal suitable for the barbeque or use as bio-coal in your garden. Locally made charcoal is sustainable. You will of course take home a bag of the made charcoal. 

Instruction is only offered in English.


What you need to bring? 

Work overalls, work gloves, strong boots, warm evening clothes – and a willingness to get dirty! 


Course information 

  • Included: Practical instruction for 2 days
  • Breakfast, lunch, 2x coffee and dinner for 2 days; breakfast always 8:00.
  • Accommodation 2 nights, night before the course and following night.
  • Price: 5,000 SEK. Request for individual room an additional 400 SEK.


August 31 – September 1
September 2 – September 3

Fragen oder Anmeldungen werden an courses@gransfors.com oder über die Schaltfläche unten gesendet.
Was wir brauchen, sind neben den Kursen, an denen Sie teilnehmen möchten, Name, Adresse, Telefon und E-Mail sowie zusätzliche Informationen über die individuelle Unterbringung und spezielle Verpflegung.
Nach der Kursanmeldung erhalten Sie eine Bestätigung mit Informationen und Rechnung.