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Gränsfors Vårdkit – Take care of your axe for future generations

Our axes are a craft created to last for several generations. If you take care of your axe properly, we promise that it will be a life partner not only for you – but also for your children and grandchildren….

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The Axe book – a old friend in a new costume

Starting the 20th of September, all of our axes will be shipped with a new and updated Axe Book. In addition to containing some new and updated texts and pictures, the Axe Book with also be thicker as it contains…

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Closed due to renovation

In 2020, we decided to close our business for visitors due to Covid-19. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but also created possibilities for us. We are a small family company in old and small buildings. To…

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Product change – Removal of the steel wedge

In 2016, we investigated if it would be possibly to remove the steel wedge used when assembling the shaft with the axe head. The reason for this was that we first and foremost cared for the person who manufactured the…

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